a n d r e w • m a • r e c o r d i n g

Welcome to my online presence. It’s not quite as awkward (or enjoyable) as my physical presence, but it’ll do.

My name is Andrew, and my passion is to see the American church grow in her love for God’s Word and be transformed as she desires God Himself.

and yeah, that’s a pretty great sentence, but it’s not the simplest task I’ve ever undertaken.

What does that look like? I’m not sure yet. But at the moment, I think it’s two-fold:

I want to use these words to tell you about the glory of the gospel, then I want to use music to help you remember it.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to say hi! ^.^

A few things about me:

// I have seven siblings // I speak four languages well enough to make a friend // I’m in my second year of college // with some help, I’m a self-taught guitarist, pianist, bassist, drummer, and audio engineer // I live close to LA and I want to work in a music studio someday, but I hate cities // my small figure is fooling you into thinking I don’t eat that much // favorite bands are The Gray Havens, Shai Linne, Copeland, Pentatonix, Twenty-One Pilots, Josh Garrels, Matt Papa, United Pursuit, and Citizens //

(site’s photography by myself, Sarah Bush, Daniel Ma, and Brandon Goodyear.)