Feeling Alive.

Things that make me feel alive:

A good talk with my dad.

Finishing a run. Sunrises and sunsets.

Perfecting a song on the piano.

Falling asleep before 10:00pm.

My brown dress shoes. Pictures of me genuinely smiling.

Seeing someone else really excited about worshiping God while I’m leading.

Making a kid smile. Laughing with my younger siblings.

Lunch with old friends. Typography.

Sitting on my couch, facing the window, talking to Jesus while the house is still quiet.


Looking at people’s favorite pictures on their phone.

The fact that I enjoy my job.

Crackers and hummus. Pretzels and Nutella. Apples and peanut butter. Pasta and goldfish. Tea with honey. Creamer with a little bit of coffee.

Acting out stories from the Bible with little kids.

Finishing a long drive.

Finally remembering something after having it on the tip of my tongue forever.

Onesies. Polaroids.

Watching my Chinese grandma bust up laughing at her own jokes.

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